Hi Guys! I’m so happy to be back here blogging after a few weeks off. Today, I’m sharing a few photos from our wedding day on July 7th. The photos were collected from my sister-in-law and both of our moms, since our photographer is still working on the good ones.

Our wedding day was kind of amazing and surreal. It was an elopement, but our moms and my husband’s sister were there. I couldn’t wait to get ready, but somehow time was moving super slow. Our wedding took place at the courthouse, but we got married outside in their beautiful garden in a terrace by the water.

Because of the whole courthouse element, I was a little nervous that the day would be like a trip to the DMV. It was a little stressful while we waited to get our license and to be called to be married, but when we finally arrived at our ceremony it was all wonderful from that point on.

The ceremony was short, but sweet and meaningful. It felt like it was just us pledging our love for one another. After the ceremony, we all went out to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Old Town, San Diego. We toasted with some yummy margaritas and had an amazing time. We stayed at a gorgeous loft type room at The Hilton (in the Gaslamp) for our wedding night.

Looking back, I absolutely had the best wedding day. I got exactly what I wanted (a very small/private wedding), I love what I wore and had a wonderful time with our loved ones.

A Little Wedding Break

Lauren Bush, Hotel Crillon

Well guys…I’m going to start my wedding break today, since my wedding is just 4 days away. My mom arrived last night and my fiance’s mom gets here on Saturday. We are super excited to start celebrating! My friends are throwing a virtual wine party for me tonight, since we all lived in different states and countries, but the internet makes it possible for all of us to get together and celebrate.

Because of all these fun events, I won’t post fresh content until July 21st. When I get back, I’ll share some wedding pics and more details about my wedding day. Have a lovely long weekend!!

[image credit : Lauren Bush, Hotel Crillon, 2000; dress, John Galliano for Christian Dior S/S 1997; via This Is Glamorous]

What I Want Now: Unique Shorts


The Goods: Pilcro stet roll-up shorts from Anthropologie.

Price: $78

Why I Love It: No more boring shorts for me. These lively shorts are my new warm weather staple.

{photo by Anthropologie}

Stacy London Reveals Hollywood Fashion Secrets for Summer

Stacy London, Style Ambassadress for Hollywood Fashion Secrets, the creator of double-side Fashion Tape® and the Style Essentials product category, today announced revealing news – some of the industry’s best tricks, tips and secrets that are essential for the summer season and its key fashion trends and activities.

“We all know the importance of accessories — shoes, handbags, belts and jewelry –  to complete an outfit, but what most women don’t know are the tricks of the trade that deliver undercover wardrobe magic and help us all look perfectly put together,” said London.  “Summer dressing, with its skin-baring apparel, is a key time for using these utility tools from Hollywood Fashion Secrets, which has created a collection of expert short-cuts that lift, hide, secure, tuck, tighten and hem.  These essentials empower women to style themselves with certainty and try out a new fashion trend with more confidence.”

Here are some top Summer trends enabled by Hollywood Fashion Secrets revealed from Stacy London:

  • Sideboob-Baring Silhouettes — “Sideboob is the new cleavage,” said London. Side-exposing tops and dresses are all the rage this summer.   Use Fashion Tape to keep just the right amount of breast flesh exposed.
  • Light-weight fabrics — from sexy rompers to mini dresses, Summer’s hottest silhouettes are made of thin fabrics.  Wear Silicone CoverUps (nipple concealers), which deperkify and deliver a smooth contoured look.  These indispensable concealers are self-adhesive, stay in place and are re-usable up to 25-plus times!
  • Racer-Back Tanks — when wearing the racer-back style, peek-a-boo bra straps can distract from the look.  The Bra Converter Clip is perfect to adjust a traditional bra into a racer-back style and eliminate straps from showing.
  • Crop Tops – keep them in place and with less risk of rising with Fashion Tape!
  • Strappy sandals and gladiators – keep the straps perfectly in place with Accessory Dots.  These little bits of tape are great to keep the thin belt strap intact too!

Beauty Tips:

  • Half Moon or Hombre Nails – DIY perfectly with Nail Polish Remover Swabs.
  • Beat the heat with fresh-on-the-go “handbag-ready” items like Deodorant Wipes, which let women freshen up with one swipe; Oil Blotting Tissues, to de-shine with a quick pat; and Eye Makeup Remover swabs, for easy touch-ups in an instant.
  • Deodorant Removing Sponge – removes deodorant, pet hair and makeup off any type of fabric from Lycra swimsuits to cotton and silk.

Launch in ULTA Beauty Stores

Beginning this month, many of these Top-to-Toe Style Essentials, among others, will launch in ULTA Beauty stores in a new merchandising fixture designed to showcase the Hollywood Fashion Secrets product collection in an easy-to-shop system.

London will be featured in Hollywood Fashion Secrets’ new campaign, which is expected to include fun and useful how-to-use online videos covering tips, tricks and secrets; social media engagement; digital advertising; PR; and merchandising.

In addition to ULTA Beauty stores, the brand’s Style Essentials can be found at national retailers and independent boutiques across the U.S., as well as at www.hollywoodfashionsecrets.com, where a list of retailers can be found.

Coveted Shoes: Open Toe Sandals


The Shoes: FRENCH CONNECTION Open Toe Sandals from Bloomingdale’s.
Price: $130

Why I Love It: Get a colorful pedicure and wear these lovely open-toe sandals to your next summer event.

Happy Tuesday Shoes Day!

{photo by Bloomingdale’s}

Fresh Produce Celebrates 30 Years of Inspiring Women To Shine


Southern California store Fresh Produce is celebrating its 30′s birthday with a few in-store celebrations. What began as a t-shirt company in 1984 has since evolved to a coastal-inspired clothing company that is committed to helping women shine and live a colorful life.

To commemorate the 30-year milestone, Fresh Produce has launched the Legacy Collection featuring favorite Fresh Produce styles in vintage hues: Butterscotch, Watermelon, Tile and Sand. A redesigned limited-edition commemorative tee is available as a gift with purchase during the month of June. The “Sun Surf Sand” tee is inspired by an original t-shirt design from 1984 and reflects the spirit of the brand today.

“We’ve come a long way since our first t-shirt sale at the Olympics in Los Angeles,” says Mary Ellen Vernon, Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Fresh Produce. “It’s remarkable to see the evolution of a brand that began with such humble roots. It was always my dream to create clothing to help women feel comfortable and confident. Our customers and the incredibly talented people who have joined us along the way have shaped this company into what it has become. I couldn’t be more proud.”

Fresh Produce is hosting online and in-store activities throughout the month of June including in-store celebrations, gifts with purchase, and the chance to win a girls weekend getaway to sunny Carpinteria, California. The winner and three friends will enjoy a weekend at the Carp Cottages, the retro beach cottages owned by Fresh Produce founders, Thom and Mary Ellen Vernon.

What: Fresh Produce 30th Birthday

When: Sat., June 28 – Mon., June 30; All Day!

Where: Fresh Produce Clothing Stores

  • Anaheim Garden Walk | 321 W Katella Ave. | Anaheim, CA 92802
  • La Jolla | 1147 Prospect Street | La Jolla, CA 92037
  • El Paseo Shopping District | 73-199 El Paseo | Palm Desert, CA 92260
  • Old Pasadena | 32 East Colorado Blvd. | Pasadena, CA 91105

For more information, visit www.freshproduceclothes.com.

5 Ageless Beauty Products

Ageless Beauty ProductsThere are those beauty products considered tired and true. What makes a product versatile enough to be considered good enough for all ages? For one, a product that can compliment any skin type at any age. Products that stick to the value of what an effective beauty product should do for a woman like make them feel more confident, compliment the natural beauty of a woman, and subtly lift the face for a more naturally enhanced look.

What is ageless beauty, anyways? When a woman is described as agelessly beautiful, it is implied that the true age of a woman is unapparent as her smile is gleaming and skin looks radiant and healthy. Beauty products that help to achieve this ageless beauty are staples and live in the makeup bags of women from their early 20’s onto their years to come.

1) Red lipstick. A bold matte or glossy red lipstick will remain a classic in the makeup kits of all women. Paired with neutral eyes and fresh, glowing skin the red lip look will always remain a favorite.

2) Black or brown eyeliner.
A simple way to add drama to the eye; wing it out in your 20’s and 30’s then keep it to a short stop in your 50’s. Eyeliner adds depth to the eyes and that’s always perfect for a night out at any age.

3) Full coverage foundation.
Skin is prone to breakouts and blemishes at all ages. That’s why foundation is essential to a clear complexion (after your daily skincare routine of course). As women age skin ranges in tone and sometimes even dark spots may appear. Throughout our lives we’ll be changing our foundation many times to adapt to our skins current needs.

4) Mascara. Not just any mascara, but that mascara that extends lashes to its fullest length. Once you find the mascara that makes your eyes look wide and awake it’s best to stick to it throughout the years.

5) Nude toned eye shadows.
Natural eye shadow colors in a matte finish will always be an essential in every woman’s makeup collection. Shimmery shadows are fun, but a matte finish shadow is always acceptable for all occasions. Eye shadows brighten up the eye area and create a smooth skin finish on the eyelid. A bit of liner and mascara and voila ageless eyes!

It’s safe to say that products like hair chalk, temporary tattoos, even bright colored eyeliners won’t ever be considered products that are ageless and embraced by women of all ages. Classic beauty products make you feel beautiful just by subtly enhancing what you are already working with at every age. That is truly what makes a product timeless, just like you.

Source: beautypress.com

What I Want Now: A Polka Dot Cosmetic Pouch

The Goods: Gold polka dot cosmetic pouch from FOREVER21.

Price: $6

Why I Love It: This cute bag is budget-friendly and will do a nice job of storing your most-loved beauty products and cosmetics.

{photo by FOREVER21}

L’Oreal Paris Faces The Facts About Pores

Step aside sun spots and farewell fine lines – women have a new skin obsession. Today more than ever, women are fixated on the size of their pores. According to new research conducted among over 2,000 adults in February 2014 by Harris Poll on behalf of L’Oreal Paris, nearly half of women (45 percent) wish they could change the size of their pores (me included) and almost one in three women (28 percent) are more concerned about their pore size than wrinkles. This obsession has even led dermatologists to coin the term “porexia” for those who have a neurosis about their pores. It does not stop there – here are the results of women’s pursuit to pore-fection:

L'Oreal Paris Pores Infographic

Click on the image to see the full infographic

You can visit PoreObsessed.com to learn more about pores and get advice on how to fight the battle against your pores. On the site, you can find expert tips from Dr. Gervaise Gerstner including the basics about pores, step-by-step regimens and answers to a wide variety of questions related to pores.

Coveted Shoes: Printed Pointed-Toe Pumps

The Shoes: ISAAC MIZRAHI pointed-toe pumps with bows from Lord & Taylor.

Price: $140

Why I Love It: Chic for work and perfect for brunch with your girls.

Happy Tuesday Shoes Day!

{photo by Lord & Taylor}

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