Brea Joseph’s Spook-Tacular Halloween tips


Special effects makeup pro and Face Off star Brea Joseph share with me her Halloween costume tips and video tutorials that can help you recreate top video game looks. Read on!

First off, give me a bit of background about you and the type of work that you do?
I’m the co-owner and makeup artist at KBZ FX, a special effects makeup company. We work with film, television, print, military, law enforcement, and medical agencies on special effects makeup for character and injury simulations, and even make our own prosthetics. I got my start as a commercial actor in the 2000’s and then got my foot in the door as a makeup artist with a production company. I then translated this experience into opening my own business and manage a team that travels across the country working on exciting projects and promoting brands and demoing at tradeshows. In 2012, I was featured on the second season of the SyFy reality show, Face Off.


Where do you find the inspiration for your video tutorials?
The tutorials were based on characters from Sony Online Entertainment’s video games including H1Z1, EverQuest, EverQuest Next and PlanetSide2. I looked at various character images and translated the colors and shapes use makeup, and in some cases, a little bit of prosthetics.

It’s almost Halloween, what are your last-minute Halloween makeup tips? Especially for people like me that have not yet gotten a costume. Is there a way to get a fun costume or makeup idea from home?
Group and buddy costumes that coordinate are a creative and easy way to pull something together last minute. For example, you could do a zombie and corresponding zombie victim, which can be accomplished through simple makeup undead and wounded makeup effects. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun with it! It’s Halloween, so there are no rules on how you should or shouldn’t look.

What are your tips for removing costume makeup or theatrical makeup at the end of the night?
Baby wipes and just a plain dry cotton ball work wonders for makeup. For more advance removal, such as with prosthetics, I use isopropyl myristate.

If you still need inspiration for your Halloween costume, you too can recreate your favorite SOE video game characters with the power of makeup, including Firiona Vie from EverQuest, a Leopard from DC Universe Online, a Dark Elf from EverQuest Next, a Zombie from H1Z1 and Empires from PlanetSide 2. You can find the prosthetics from the looks on, and at local stores Buffalo Breath Costumes in Mission Hills and Gypsy Treasure in La Mesa.

How to Care for Your Teeth This Halloween


Halloween is just around the corner, the holiday you can feel a little less guilty for digging into those bags of candy that were meant to be for the neighboring trick or treaters. Who can forget that this time of the year is the season for red wines, merlot’s, cabernet’s, and pinot noir’s- oh my! As joyous and decadent wine and chocolate are the reality is these treats are terrors to teeth!

To keep your teeth as white as the snow of the season I’ve gathered 5 tips for you:

1) Brush teeth at least 2 times a day and floss daily. Sounds simple enough, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t keep up this routine daily. According to the American Dental Association’s 2013 survey, 56.8% of women brush their teeth twice a day and 49% of men brush their teeth twice a day.

2) Drink dark colored beverages through a straw. With that said- try to avoid coffee as it permeates the teeth’s enamel causing stains. As that is not a likely scenario for the coffee lovers out there, then just remember to brush teeth as soon as that cup of coffee is finished.

3) Visit your dentist regularly. Another tip that sounds easy enough, but according to the CDC only 61.6% of adults ages 18-64 visited their dentist during the year of 2013. The professional cleaning they provide triumphs an at home toothbrush cleaning. It’s recommended to visit your dentist once every 6 months.

4) Look to your kitchen for some serious teeth savers. Gargle with apple cider vinegar, brush your teeth with baking soda once a week, and eat apples! Eating an apple is the next best thing to actually brushing your teeth. Strawberries are also known to help brighten teeth to appear white.

5) Brush your tongue. Many people believe this is the same as brushing your teeth, but no, you need to devote time to your tongue. Any time breath is bad, it’s because there’s bacteria on the tongue. A simple swipe of the brush won’t do it either. Use a tongue scraper every morning to thoroughly clean the tongue of bacteria that lives in it.


What I Want Now: A Pink Clutch

The Goods: Kira mini chain clutch from Tory Burch.

Price: $250

Why I Love It: Cute clutch that works for day or evening.

{photo by Tory Burch}

Stacy London Teams Up With Hollywood Fashion Secrets to Launch The Stylette

Stacy LondonStacy London & Hollywood Fashion Secrets launched HFS’ latest secret: the Stylette(TM), a small portable pouch with 10 Style Essentials to help women look their best for selfies and on-the-go lifestyles. The Stylette comes in three chic designs, includes HFS patented innovations such as the original Fashion Tape(R) and other styling items like Bra Converter Clips and No-Show Nipple Concealers and is available this month at Old Navy, ULTA Beauty & Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts, among others.

“Nearly 90 percent of America women have reported to have experienced a wardrobe malfunction,” said London. “With today’s mobile lifestyles and social media options, no matter what our age or daily routine, we all need the easy, accessible Style Essential tools to help us always look confident, camera-ready and buttoned up while on-the-go. The Stylette is a little bag packed with big solutions to deliver every day perfection.”

The Stylette features a handbag-ready pouch and important must-have styling items including Fashion Tape, Garment Shields, Bra Converting Clip, No-Show Nipple Concealers, Deodorant Removing Sponge, Eye Makeup Correct Swabs, stain wipe, nail file and lint removing sheets, among others. Many items are patented innovations by Hollywood Fashion Secrets and are trusted, proven solutions to help women side-step styling challenges and wardrobe snafus.

The Stylette retails for $11.99 and it’s available this month at Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts stores in the check-out lane area, as well as Old Navy and ULTA Beauty, among other retailers.

Coveted Shoes: Studded Heels


The Shoes: Black CEPPARANA pumps from Aldo.

Price: $90

Why I Love It: These cute studded heels can be worn with a party dress or with jeans for a more casual look.

Happy Tuesday Shoes Day!

{photo by Aldo}

What I Want Now: A Unique Coat

The Goods: Reality check coat with houndstooth design from Nasty Gal.

Price: $158

Why I Love It: This coat is everything! It’s definitely on my winter clothes wish list.

{photo by Nasty Gal}

Mirabella Beauty Launches Faerie for Holiday

faerie-collectionMirabella Beauty releases Faerie, a luxurious limited edition four-piece collection that includes a long-lasting eyeshadow, a mineral-based highlighter and two high-shine lip gloss shades to create a romantic, ethereal, shimmery look for the holiday season.

“The holidays are a time when women embrace a more glamorous look,” says Amber Bowen, Mirabella Creative Director. “When the four Faerie products are paired together the result is a soft, beautiful look that’s universally flattering. Faerie features a neutral palette of pinks and browns that is accentuated with subtle shimmer and sheen for eyes, face and lips to create a youthful glow. Plus, the colors and formulas were developed with those hectic days of work, shopping and holiday parties in mind. They are long-lasting for day to night wear.”

Myth Visionary Long-wearing Eyeshadow features a bronze hue with reddish brown undertones that flatters all skin tones. Its creamy, silky texture sets to a satin matte powder finish for easy application and rich, buildable color. Formulated with a high volatile elastomer gel network, Myth Visionary Long-wearing Eyeshadow moisturizes while absorbing excess oils to keep eyes looking flawless all day long. High elastomeric powders help mask wrinkles with an optical blurring effect.

Back by popular demand, Mirabella Beauty is relaunching Swirling Pearl Brilliant, a mineral-based highlighter with Prismatech technology — combining all the best features of baked, fluid and cream products for a soft, long-lasting texture that gives skin the perfect highlight. Two new Colour Luxe Lip Gloss shades Gossamer (soft pink) and Luminosity (clear sparkle) offer three-dimensional, light reflecting pearls and a moisturizing, vitamin-enriched formula with anti-aging peptides.

Beginning November 2014, Faerie will be available at professional salons and on Myth Visionary Long-wearing Eyeshadow retails for $29, Swirling Pearl Brilliant for $40 and Color Luxe Lip Gloss in Gossamer and Luminosity for $26 each.

Coveted Shoes: Boots on My Wishlist


The Shoes: Matiko ankle booties from Revolve.

Price: $194

Why I Love It: Wear them with your favorite skinny jeans, a printed cardigan and classic white tee.

Happy Tuesday Shoes Day!

{photo by Revolve}

3 Quick Tips to Clean Up After a Workout Without a Shower

When you want to sneak in a workout in between work and other commitments sometimes there’s not enough time to get cleaned up after. If you find yourself in a time crunch leaving you no time for a shower after the gym, fitness coach Nadia Murdock has a few quick and easy ways you can clean up and feel refreshed after a workout.

Dry Shampoo: Is a great way to revive limp hair that might have lost its bounce and body due to perspiration. Make sure to part your hair into sections and spray directly on the scalp, this will help give the roots a “lift”. Give a light massage and style as desired.

Body Wipes: Let’s face it you are going to want to save the intense workouts for when you have more time to take a proper shower. However for activities that give you a light glisten you can use deodorant wipes or baby wipes that will leave you feeling freshened up!

Body Spray: Perfumes can be too heavy and overpowering, find the right body spray that offers a light shower fresh scent. Try scents like Lavender, Clean Cotton or Vanilla!

Nadia Murdock is not only an author, regularly on-air health expert and a nationally recognized fitness coach, she is living proof that her “train your mind, change your body” method works. At the end of this month she’s launching her Mind and Body Makeover Program at 15% off. Learn more at

Coveted Shoes: Textured Stilettos


The Shoes: A textured shootie from Steve Madden.

Price: $170

Why I Love It: Wear it with a crisp white shirt, black leggings and a black tote bag.

Happy Tuesday Shoes Day!

{photo by Steve Madden}

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